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CNEPO is a high-end precision optical industry pioneer and leader in China. CNEPO’s primary business is to manufacture lithography projection objectives which are a core part of lithography machines in the semiconductor industry. In addition, CNEPO extends its business to other fields related to optics including optical metrology, optical design, coating, assembly, mechanical design and diamond turning.

Optical Manufacturing: CNEPO provides full process-chain, state-of-the-art, planos, spheres, aspheres, freeform lenses and mirrors from 100mm to 500mm in diameter. The figure accuracy can reach 0.2nm RMS and roughness can also achieve 0.2nm RMS.

Optical Metrology: CNEPO provides full-frequency range and sub-nanometer accuracy metrology. Our featured technologies enable sub-aperture stitching, CGH measurement and non-contact 3D optical scanning measurement.

Coating: CNEPO provides a wide range of coatings from DUV to IR application, including evaporation and ion beam sputter coating techniques. We specialize in coatings for ultra-precise optical elements (i.e. <1nm for figure accuracy) and for UV applications.

Optical Design: CNEPO helps customers design different kinds of optical systems from DUV to visible light, which can be used in lithography systems, blind UV detection systems, interferometer systems, movie projectors, etc.

Assembly: CNEPO provides complete assembly and alignment services for various precision optical systems. Extensive experience qualifies us to meet a variety of customer challenges, especially for sub-micron level lens alignment.

Opto-mechanical design: CNEPO designs and manufactures ultra-precise opto-mechanical structures with sub-nanometer RMS surface figure supporting and nanometer accuracy position and posture adjusting for optical elements.

Diamond turning: CNEPO manufactures high-quality optical lenses, optical mold inserts, mirrors and other precision mechanical components from crystals, metals, acrylic, and other materials by single point diamond turning. Examples include spheres, aspheres, off-axis aspheres, prisms, micro lens arrays and freeform lenses, which are used in optical assemblies in telescopes, video projectors, missile guidance systems, lasers, scientific research instruments, and numerous other systems and devices.


Type of Optics Asphere, Domes/Windows, Freeform, Large optics (>300mm), Plano, Prism, Sphere, Transmitted wavefront

Services Assembly, Coating, Contract Manufacturing, Electro-mechanical design, Glass Engineering, Grinding, Lens design, Metrology, Polishing, SPDT

Materials Crystals, Glasses, IR, Metals, NIR, UV, Visibles

Research Interests Diamond turning, Ion Beam Finishing (IBF), MRF, Optics metrology

No. 3608 Dongnanhu Road
Changchun Jilin Province 130033



Peiyue Li
Marketing & Planning Department Manager

Yuan Li
Marketing Planning Specialist

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