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Danyang Danyao Optics Co., Ltd (DDO)

Danyang Danyao Optics Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “DDO”), established in 1992, is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of precision optical components and relating functional assemblies. Our products have the remarkable characteristics of “customization, multiple varieties and small batch”, mainly applied in medical and life sciences fields such as optical microscopes, medical endoscopes, oral scanners, industrial inspection and control fields such as machine vision lenses and laser scanning lenses, as well as telescope and night vision fields such as telescopes and night vision devices.

DDO Factory
DDO Factory

Our products mainly cover spherical lenses, aspherical lenses, flat works and relating functional assembly components. Through years of accumulation, exploration and innovation in the field of precision optics for decades, we are equipped with a strong R&D innovation capability and a high level of manufacturing technology, and have developed into an enterprise with good reputation and competitiveness in the market of precision optics industry at home and abroad.


We implement a differentiated competitive strategy, aim to serve the leading enterprises in the optical industry and are oriented by their needs. We are committed to providing customers with competitive customized products of multiple varieties and small batches. Relying on the full understanding and mastery of customer product requirements, excellent process development capabilities and stable product quality, we are able to effectively meet the product needs of many leading customers in the precision optics industry both domestically and internationally, and match their strict supplier selection standards. After years of development, we have established stable cooperative relationships with many leading optical enterprises in Europe, America, and other regions.


Type of Optics Asphere, Cylinder, Micro optics (<5mm), Plano, Prism, Prototypes, Sphere

Services Assembly, Coating, Grinding, Polishing


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No.183 Yongsheng Road, Douzhuang Fangxian Town
Danyang City Jiangsu Province 212325



Hua Li
Director of Planning & Customer Service

Jingwen Yin
Executive of Customer Service

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