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Gooch & Housego

Gooch & Housego manufactures precision optical components for industrial, medical and research applications; providing support to a global customer base to achieve optimized system performance. Unique skills and processes allow reliable production for the most demanding applications. Products include: precision optics (UV to IR), thin-film coatings, glass engineering and accoust-optics.

Experience in manufacturing precision optical components has enabled G&H to become the worlds leading manufacturer of AO Q-switches. G&H can apply precision and optical expertise to the manufacture of components in a wide variety of optical materials, offering precision optical finishes with extremely high accuracy and tolerances on engineered parts. As well as precision drilling, shaping, polishing, and honing of optical materials, G&H have an in-house coating capability, providing high quality AR, HR, broadband and narrowband coatings. Our comprehensive knowledge of both optical and mechanical properties of optical materials combined with the ability to handle all aspects of component manufacture on one site ensures the highest quality product, from a lens to a complex, multi-faceted CNC machined glass part.


Type of Optics

Services Coating, Glass Engineering, Grinding, Polishing

Materials IR, UV

Research Interests MRF

Dowlish Ford, Somerset
Ilminster TA19 0PF

44 0 1460 256440


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