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JENOPTIK l Optical Systems

Jenoptik delivers world class precision optics as well as systems designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

The Optical Systems division is a development and production partner for optical, micro-optical and coated optical components – made of optical glasses, IR materials as well as polymers and delivers customized systems, modules and assemblies. 

It possesses outstanding expertise in the development, manufacture and integration of optics and micro-optics aimed for the most challenging applications in semiconductor industry, in laser material processing, defense and security, health care and life science, digital imaging, machine vision and lighting.

Value added Products and Solutions

  • Customized optical and micro-optic systems, assemblies, modules and components from EUV to IR
  • High precision optical components with world class coatings
  • Diffractive, refractive and hybrid modules and components
  • Systems and modules from UV to LWIR
  • Optical, opto-electronic and opto-mechanical components and systems
  • Application specific digital imaging systems and modules
  • Opto-electronic sensors for process control, camera and display systems
  • Illumination modules with LED-based light source

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Type of Optics Asphere, Cylinder, Domes/Windows, Large optics (>300mm), Light-weighted optics, Micro optics (<5mm), Molds, Plano, Prism, Prototypes, Sphere, Transmitted wavefront

Services Assembly, Coating, Contract Manufacturing, Electro-mechanical design, Glass Engineering, Grinding, Lens design, Metrology, Molding, Polishing, Prototypes, SPDT

Materials Ceramics, Crystals, Glasses, Metals, UV, Visibles

Research Interests Diamond micro-milling, Diamond turning, Ion Beam Finishing (IBF), MRF, Optics metrology

Goeschwitzer Strasse 25
Jena Germany 07745
locations in Germany and USA

+49 3641 65-3148


JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH

+49 3641 65-3148

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