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Leibniz-Institut für Oberflaechenmodifizierung – IOM

Leibniz-Institut für Oberflaechenmodifizierung – IOM (Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification) is a public-financed R&D institute in Germany which has more than 20 years experience in development of ultra-precision surface machining technologies like Plasma Jet Machining and Ion Beam Figuring/Finishing. Our main target is the improvement of process chains for the manufacturing of complex optical elements for a large variety of high-end applications (space, lithography, or synchrotron light source) where nanometer accuracy on the whole spatial wavelength range is required.

Our Application Lab “Ultraprecision surface machining using atomic particle beams“ provides comprehensive know-how in science and engineering. Excellent machining equipment such as plasma machines, a 7-axes polishing robot und several ion beam machines as well as ultra precision state-of-the-art metrology like QED’s ASI®, optical and tactile surface profilers and chemical surface characterization systems allow for the manufacturing of demonstrators and prototypes and the development of specific process chains that fit industrial requirements.


Type of Optics Asphere, Conformal, Freeform

Services Metrology, Polishing

Materials Ceramics, Glasses, Metals

Research Interests MRF

Permoserstrasse 15
Leipzig 04318

+49 (0)341 235 3120


Thomas Arnold
Leader Young Researchers Group
+49 (0)341 235 3120

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