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Meopta is an international company with a long, rich tradition of developing, manufacturing and assembling world class optical, opto-mechanical and optoelectronic products. Meopta‘s state-of-the-art design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly capabilities enable it to provide the highest quality products and services to the industrial, military and consumer markets.

A company with a broad global reach, Meopta operates state-of-the-art facilities in both the United States and the Czech Republic. This unique structure allows Meopta to respond to the needs of its customers quickly and effectively.

Boasting one the best trained and most highly skilled work forces in the industry, Meopta develops and manufactures the most technologically advanced, high performance products in the world.

From precision medical and scientific instruments to digital cinematic projectors, aerospace technologies, military weapon systems and consumer sports optics, Meopta’s unparalleled experience allows it to design, engineer and manufacture a diverse array of high quality products across a broad spectrum of markets and industries, making it a global leader in the optical field.

By early 2nd quarter of 2015, Meopta will launch its line of precision aspheres with diameters ranging from 5mm – 200mm, and made from a variety of optical glasses including CaF2, Si, Ge and ZnS.   Meopta’s asphere line will be targeted for UV and IR objectives and applications.

Meopta has owned both Q-22 MRF and ASI metrology systems from QED Technologies since 2013. Both systems will be used in their asphere manufacturing process.


Type of Optics Asphere, Cylinder, Domes/Windows, Micro optics (<5mm), Plano, Prism, Prototypes, Sphere, Transmitted wavefront

Services Assembly, Coating, Contract Manufacturing, Electro-mechanical design, Glass Engineering, Grinding, Lens design, Metrology, Opto-mechanical design, Polishing, Prototypes

Materials Ceramics, Crystals, Glasses, IR, Metals, UV, Visibles

Research Interests MRF

Kabelíkova 1
Přerov 750 02
Czech Republic

+420 581 241 111


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+420 581 241 111

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