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Nittoh Inc.

Through the Lens We Capture the Future.”  Nittoh creates the most advanced and truly innovative products to gain the trust of an increasing number of satisfied customers.  For more than 60 years since Nittoh was founded, it has been expanding its business using Five Core Technologies centered on optics.

We specialize in made-to-order products developed from the design stage, so we can customize to your requirements. We also accommodate quick turnaround, small lot requirements, so we can handle orders from even a single lens.

Optical Elements – using advanced polishing, centering and edging, and multi-layer coating technologies together with leading-edge equipment.

Mold Design & Manufacture – predominantly for the manufacture of optical elements

Plastic Molding – The molding of aspherical lenses forms the base of our plastic molding technologies.

Surface Treatment – With Class 10000 Clean Rooms, we have further refined our high quality coating technologies.   We offer a range of new coating technologies such as UV coatings and water-borne painting, and will continue to take on the challenges presented by new technologies.

Optical Solutions – Nittoh wants to be your optical solutions partner providing an integrated production system from development through to manufacture of increasingly sophisticated and complex optical equipment, including lens units for DSCs (digital still cameras) and projectors.  You can trust the development and manufacture of all kinds of optical units to Nittoh.

Element size
Nittoh manufactures round elements in diameters from 1mm to 600mm. Please feel free to discuss your needs on square, irregular or long elements with us. We can manufacture large diameter lenses of 400mm diameter and greater, prisms up to 300mm, and cylindrical lenses up to 400mm. Nittoh has the technologies for large optical elements.

Nittoh can manufacture optical elements in various glass materials and metallic materials like germanium.

Nittoh manufactures a range of element shapes, including flat, spherical, aspherical and cylindrical shapes.

High precision
Nittoh can manufacture elements to a high surface accuracy of λ/20.  Manufacturing capability is φ10mm~400mm


Type of Optics Cylinder, Large optics (>300mm), Molds, Plano, Prism, Prototypes, Sphere

Services Coating, Contract Manufacturing, Metrology, Molding, Polishing, Prototypes

Materials Glasses, Metals

Research Interests MRF

4529 Konami
Suwa City Nagano Prefecture 392-0131



Shin Miyasaka
Assistant Manager

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