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QED Optics

Precision optics manufacturing from QED Optics keeps you a step ahead of customer demands and your competition.  Whether it’s flats, spheres, on or off axis aspheres, cylinders or freeforms, round, rectangular or irregularly shaped ranging in size from ~10 mm to ~1 meter diameter, the answer is always the same: No Problem:


QED Optics Specializes in:
Aspheres – on and off-axis
Large optics – up to meter class
High precision optics – √/10 or better
Prototypes to production quantities

From small lenses to very large mirrors we have the flexibility to polish a variety of shapes and sizes while maintaining high quality standards and achieving rapid convergence. QED Optics’ precision metrology capability delivers accurate measurements of work surfaces before and after the finishing process ensuring quality results that meet your specifications.

QED Optics is your partner for your optical manufacturing challenges. Our expertise goes beyond precise and accurate testing and manufacturing. We will work closely with you to understand your application, your specifications and your timeline, and create a manufacturing solution that best fits your needs. No matter if you are looking for a volume supplier or a development partner, QED Optics is here to help.


Type of Optics Asphere, Conformal, Cylinder, Domes/Windows, Freeform, Large optics (>300mm), Light-weighted optics, Molds, Plano, Prism, Prototypes, Sphere, Transmitted wavefront

Services Assembly, Contract Manufacturing, Grinding, Metrology, Polishing

Materials Ceramics, Crystals, Glasses, IR, UV, Visibles

Research Interests MRF, Optics metrology

1040 University Avenue
Rochester NY 14607



Mike DeMarco
Business Manager

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