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Sankyo Optical Industry Corporation (Sankyo)

Since 1929, Sankyo Optical Industry Corporation (“Sankyo”) have produced a variety of camera lenses and industrial lenses. Sankyo is the No.1 SME in Japan for spherical lens manufacturing. We specialize in Arduous Custom Optics manufacturing. Arduous means small  quantities, difficult-to-cut materials and high precision.

Sankyo has broad experience in optics manufacturing with special expertise in:

  • Geometries: spheres, aspheres, large optics(>300mm), micro-optics(<5mm)
  • Materials: glasses, ceramics, crystals, metals
  • Wavelengths: UV, Visible, NIR, IR

Our optics are adapted for Aerospace, Laser Processing, Lithography Machine and Factory Automation. Sankyo is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Sankyo’s strength is precise attention to detail. Highly skilled “TAKUMI” integrate the diverse customized equipment and state-of-the-art equipment to develop cutting-edge polishing technologies. “Prototype products” and “Single item” orders of various designs in small quantities are also accepted. We have diversified experience as optical lens processing partners for R&D department.

We own more than 30 types of domestic Transmission Elements (“TEs”) with a shape accuracy of PV better than lambda/20, a total of more than 90 lenses. These highly accurate TEs and ASI(Q) are combined to process high-precision lenses. If our requested TEs cannot measure the requested spherical lens, we will design and manufacture in-house, new TE’s that meet your requirements.
Spherical Lenses

  • Size: 3 mm to 300 mm (more than 300 mm on your request)
  • Quantity: 1 to 1,000 pcs /month

Aspherical Lenses (Fine Grinding)

  • Size: Up to 100 mm
  • Quantity: 1 to 10 pcs /month



Type of Optics Asphere, Large optics (>300mm), Micro optics (<5mm), Prototypes, Sphere

Services Assembly, Coating, Contract Manufacturing, Grinding, Lens design, Metrology, Opto-mechanical design, Polishing, Prototypes

Materials Ceramics, Crystals, Glasses, IR, Metals, NIR, UV, Visibles

Research Interests MRF, Optics metrology

215 Nagaokamori, Kanezawa, Misato-chou
Senboku-gun, Akita 019-1302



Shunsuke Hagiwara
Executive Vice President

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