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Schneider Kreuznach

The Schneider Group, founded in 1913 in Bad Kreuznach, Germany is a worldwide market leader in high-quality lenses for industrial applications, photographic lenses, filters, cinema projection lenses and optical accessories. In total, Schneider has manufactured more than 15 million lenses and has created thousands of optical designs. The Schneider-Group has 600 employees worldwide.

Lenses for industrial applications — Applications in the US space shuttle, in traffic control systems and in measurement technology are but a few examples of the use of our high-grade C-mount lenses. With the compact and rugged lenses of the MAKRO line, photographs with the highest image quality are possible in the near- and macro range. In addition, we assist our OEM customers with the solutions of their problems.

Servohydraulic and servopneumatic — Electro-hydraulic servo valves in single-stage, two-stage and three-stage versions of 0.5 to 1000 l/min and pressures up to 420 bar for industrial applications. Electro-pneumatic servo valves in a single-stage version up to 100 Nm³/h and pressures up to 30 bar for packaging-, welding- and measuring machines.

B+W Filters, SCHNEIDER-Magnifiers and Digital Filters — Photographic filters for high optical requirements. They are used by professionals as well as amateurs in the fields of photography, video and TV just as successfully as they are used in science and technology. Virtually all the filters are made of SCHOTT glasses and they are available in screw-, bayonet-, slip-on- and series mounts. Special mention should be made of KÄSEMANN-type polarizing filters. High-grade SCHNEIDER Magnifiers for all fields of visual control complement the extensive line of B+W Filter products.

Photography, Enlarging and Digital Photography — Absolutely top quality lenses for all tasks in professional photography and image processing. Based on decades of experience in lens manufacture, these lenses have been conceived for applications in 35 mm and large format photography and for digital imaging. The first use of aspheric elements in large format lenses of the SUPER-SYMMAR-XL line. Accessories: Centerfilter, Magnifiers and helical mounts.

Lenses for motion picture projection — Schneider lenses for modern multiplex theaters with large screens and stadium seating satisfy the stringent requirements for imaging quality. All motion picture formats, including Cinemascope films, are supported by lenses with finely stepped focal lengths in the CINELUX class.

Lenses for digital projection — The closely stepped fixed focal lengths and the anamorphic systems of the CINE DIGITAR line are a guarantee for rich contrasts and finely resolved details in projection with digital high-performance projectors. The fields of application of the lenses range from DIGITAL MOVIE THEATERS to front- and rear projection and on to RENTAL & STAGING applications.

Lenses for eyeglasses / ophthalmic optics — Quality lenses made of glass or plastic material. Single power, multiple power and graduated lenses of high-refraction materials: SPECTRALITE, HYPER INDEX 1.67, TRANSITIONS ® III, etc.

In addition to the widely ranging variety of products, SCHNEIDER offers its services to all OEM-customers who are looking for solutions to specific problems in the areas of precision mechanics and optics. You can find a summary in our detailed offering of services. E-mail: industrie@schneiderkreuznach.com


Type of Optics Asphere, Sphere

Services Assembly, Coating, Contract Manufacturing, Grinding, Opto-mechanical design, Polishing

Materials Glasses, Visibles

Research Interests MRF

Ringstraße 132
Bad Kreuznach D - 55543

+49 671 601-0


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