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KYOCERA SOC Corporation

In the rapidly growing opto-technological field, KYOCERA SOC Corporation has rewritten the history of optronics with its outstanding technological and development capabilities.  With advanced optronics technologies, KYOCERA SOC Corporation has developed original high-quality, highly reliable product groups, which are highly regarded in the fields of the optical communications, semi-conductor processes, medical treatments, laser processing, precision measurement, printing, environmental measurement, space technologies, etc. KYOCERA SOC Corporation develops and manufactures optics, lasers, and other optical systems, which are core components of laser and infrared ray products supporting the optical industry in the 21st century.

Precision optical parts
KYOCERA SOC Corporation began the research of coatings for dielectrics early, established coating technology for high-power lasers first in Japan, completed ultra high damage resistance UV mirrors far ahead of the international standard, and achieved other major accomplishments. It is called the “KYOCERA SOC Corporation of coating technologies” with these achievements. KYOCERA SOC Corporation executes strict quality evaluations using loss meters capable of measuring minute losses as small as 1 ppm, a laser durability evaluation system with excimer and YAG lasers, etc. KYOCERA SOC Corporation enjoys incomparable reliability as a leader in laser optics.

Making full use of very precise polishing technology according to substrate materials and original coating and evaluation technology based on rich experiences, KYOCERA SOC Corporation develops and manufactures high-performance and high-quality optics to meet customers’ needs for vacuum UV and infrared rays.

KYOCERA SOC Corporation provides high-quality products from mirrors and prisms to high-resolution lenses applicable to a wide-range of wavelengths from ultraviolet rays to infrared rays according to customer needs. In particular, laser optics have continued to earn an outstanding reputation. Very high-precision DUV lenses attract attention.

Precision optical devices
Upon request, KYOCERA SOC Corporation provides OEM optical products for various optical equipment and systems developed and manufactured by customers. KYOCERA SOC Corporation’s integrated processes from development to manufacturing enable short-term delivery to meet customer needs. With core technologies, including precision polishing, coating, and lasers as well as aberration correction and other optical design know-how accumulated through long experience, KYOCERA SOC Corporation provides high-quality optical systems. In particular, the company has made significant achievements and gained extensive experience in applied laser optical systems for laser processing machines and inspection/measuring instruments, infrared ray optical systems for safety/disaster prevention monitoring systems and non-contact temperature measuring equipment, optical systems installed in vehicles and airplanes requiring high environmental durability, etc.

KYOCERA SOC Corporation designs and manufactures optical parts, which are so-called optical engines, to be used in the instruments designed, manufactured, and sold by customers. High-quality design and development are highly rated. Integrated processes from precision assembly, adjustment, and evaluation of optical parts and devices ensure customer trust and safety.

Highly-rated solid lasers built from original designs and based on the accumulated technological know-how including beam forming and light control as well as high performance and reliability of laser optical elements is KYOCERA SOC Corporation’s specialty. The widely used Juno series is one of the best laser products in Japan.  Gas lasers feature a wide variety of product models, including argon, helium neon, etc. They are widely used in high-quality, long-life products. As a top-share company in Japan, KYOCERA SOC Corporation offers outstanding services.

KYOCERA SOC Corporation also provides OEM products for solid lasers and gas lasers upon request.


Type of Optics Plano, Prism

Services Assembly, Coating, Electro-mechanical design, Lens design, Metrology, Opto-mechanical design, Polishing

Materials IR, UV

Research Interests MRF

1-22-1 Hakusan
Midori-ku, Yokohama, 226-0006



Eiji Matsunaga
Sales Manager

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