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Sill Optics GmbH

Sill is a privately owned, medium sized company, specializing in the production of optical components in Germany. Since being founded in 1894, technical know-how and flexibility in production have been the basis for our 100-year old story of success. With the latest CAD and CNC equipment, we can comply with any modern requirements on optical manufacturing: from rapid prototyping with highest precision to “off-the-shelf” components featuring high power laser quality. The product range covers optics for latest applications in medicine, optoelectronics, metrology, and lasers.

Laser Optics

Sill Optics offers laser optics for various applications. The bandwidth of our laser optics covers the range from 193 nm to 10.6 µm for different laser types from continuous wave lasers to ultra short pulse lasers in the femto-second region.

Machine Vision

Sill Optics utilizes already since more than 40 years the benefit of telecentricity in optical projection systems. Especially for machine vision purposes these type of lenses offer big advantages over standard lenses.

Profile Projection Lenses

Sill Optics is the leading european manufacturer of profile projection lenses. We are offering lenses for all common comparators with screen sizes of 300 mm up to 1000 mm. All standard magnifications from 5x to 100x are available and also special magnifications for inch projectors.

Precision Optics

We are specialised in the custom specific production of small and medium quantities for various niche markets. Latest CNC grinding, polishing and centering equipment enables us to produce prototypes in short time to a competitive price.

OEM Optics

A dedicated and experienced team can support the customer achieving the best solution for his application. By keeping the direct link to our production our team will always have a look at the feasibility of the optical and mechanical design.



Type of Optics Asphere, Cylinder, Plano, Sphere

Services Assembly, Grinding, Lens design, Prototypes

Materials Ceramics, Glasses

Research Interests MRF

Johann-Höllfritsch-Str. 13
Wendelstein D-90530

+49 9129 9023-0


Sill Optics


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