Winlight Optics

Founded in 2001, Winlight has been recognized for its innovation, entrepreneurship and outstanding business growth. With customers in the European Union and beyond, Winlight serves the military, space optics and science markets and specializes in optical systems design and component manufacturing.

The 1,300 square meter manufacturing facility houses both traditional and the latest CNC polishing equipment giving Winlight a wide range of capabilities and the flexibility to develop optimal manufacturing processes designed to meet customer expectations. Winlight manufactures:

  • mirrors: flat, spherical, on-axis and off-axis aspherical,
  • lenses, prisms, windows,
  • toroidal and cylindrical mirrors,
  • very thin plates, crossed echelettes interferometers, image slicers
  • spherical and free-form moulds

Accuracies depend on the shape and size of the piece to be manufactured but typical values of 2 to 10 nm RMS are obtained. More information can be provided upon request.



Type of Optics Conformal, Cylinder, Domes/Windows, Prism, Sphere

Services Contract Manufacturing, Lens design


Research Interests MRF

135, rue Benjamin Franklin, ZA Saint Martin
Pertuis 84120

+33 (0)4 90 07 78 60


Yves Salaun
+33 (0)4 90 07 78 60

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