MRF Polishing Technology

MRF™ polishing brings precision, determinism and repeatability to precision optics manufacturing.

MRF Brings Flexibility

For small batch runs, short lead times and complex geometries.

Reliable Quality

Reliability and determinism enable consistent quality, shorter lead times, and on-time delivery.

Confidence and Consistency

Optics manufacturers and buyers alike know that optics produced using MRF® will meet spec every time.

How MRF Works

At the heart of every MRF polishing system is the MRF delivery system which creates a stable, continuous, flow of MR fluid.

MR fluid is a magnetically-sensitive (magnetorheological) “smart fluid” which changes viscosity when exposed to a magnetic field. The magnetic field creates a stiff structure of iron particles which forces water and abrasives to top in a thin layer. A converging gap is created. Cores are formed, creating sheared layer of fluid. Pressure gradients result and high-velocity, shear-based removal is created.

  • A workpiece is installed at a fixed distance from a moving spherical wheel.
  • An electromagnet located below the wheel surface generates a magnetic field in the gap between the wheel and workpiece.
  • When the MR fluid is delivered to the wheel, it is pulled against the wheel surface by the magnetic field and the act of plunging the workpiece into the ribbon of MR fluid creates a subaperture polishing tool.
  • A sophisticated computer program determines a schedule for varying the position of the workpiece as it sweeps through the polishing zone, in either a spiral or raster path.

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